Seance Seance Seance
Seance Seance Seance

seance the Victorian age child mortality is at peak. The cholera claims both young and old. In their pain about the loss of their loved ones many survivors try to contact the deceased via séance sessions. In 1900 such spirtualist séances are “en mode” in northern Europe. In secret night meetings behind closed curtains the doors to the Great Beyond are pushed open, mostly uncontrolled and with the help of questionable media.  Such careless crossing of the threshold to the space of Swedenborg did often lead to grave psychological problems in both medium and participant - they conjured up something they could not control anymore...

Book a complete séance under the guidance of the mentalist, hypnotist and parapsychologist Eric Svenson. With the help of the reliable medium Mrs. Eva Brandt and a spiritual cabinet - the “Theatre of the Souls”, which hosts a mysterious Victorian séance doll, you will have the rare opportunity to communicate with the spirit-world. You may ask personal questions or just experience how cold shivers are running down your spine as the manifestations conjured occur. You provide for the eerie setting (fireplace room, tower room, library, old villa, castle, palace, mansion, attic, vault, used book store,
back room, separée, studio theatre or lounge room) - Eric Svenson
will guarantee for the haunting experience!

One hour of sophisticated spooky entertainment
far beyond the clichés of comedy and party mainstream await -
a live late night thrill
that will be remembered by your guests
for a long long time...

Seance seance Seance
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